I know that most of you that read this title think of “Braveheart”.  Some of you that read this title think of Fellowship of the Sword and you have a pretty good understanding of what this means.  Has your freedom grown or diminished or do you even know that you are free.  In Luke 4 Jesus goes to the synagogue in his home town and reads out of a scroll Isaiah 61 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me,because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind,to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”  I would like for you to take a second and think about your life.  Think about all the stresses at work, at home , and maybe even church.  Think about the boss or co-worker that drives you up the wall.  Think about the bills that are coming due and you don’t have the money.  Think about the child that seems to have lost their mind.  Think about the dos and don’ts of Christianity.  Are you drowning in religious waters?  Does it seem like the Christian life is too hard to manage along with all the other things that you have to manage in life?  Now, do you feel free?  Are you at rest or is there a huge knot in the pit of your stomach?  Do you feel bogged down by life and all of its trappings?  If you don’t feel free and you feel bogged down and bound up, then I think you are in the majority.  I say all this to say that I feel this way sometimes, but what God has been teaching me is that He did not create us to carry all of this.  I believe we are created to live free.  The vision that I get is little children playing on a play ground running, skipping and laughing.  They are free and unencumbered by life; just enjoying the beautiful day God made.  I believe that is how we are meant to live.  I believe that He is beckoning us to come and lay our burdens down, be free and to rest in Him.  Matthew 11:25-30 says, “At that time Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.Yes, Father, for this is what you were pleased to do.  “All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.  “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” When I read this scripture it really made that vision even more vivid to me.  Jesus said that God has hidden the truth from the wise and learned, and revealed it to children.  I believe He is not talking about people under the age of 18.  I believe the concept of child is the same as it is in Matthew 18:3 “And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.”  I believe He is saying that if you choose to use the faith that He has given you, humble yourself and be willing to listen and obey, then you fall into what He is calling children.  The crazy cool thing about it is, is that it is that simple.  Don’t get me wrong.  It is not easy, but it is simple.  That is rest.  All of this is about a relationship.  That is being righteous.  Righteous being in right relationship with God and others.  Now, you may be asking, “That’s a great theological discussion, but what does that look like in real life?”  It is allowing God to be a part of all of your life and allowing Him access to every nook and cranny.  I am talking about more than just surrendering your life with your mouth, but also with your actions.  When problems arise, instead of automatically switching into fix it mode or worse worry mode, turn to Him and ask Him what He thinks about it.  Be open and transparent.  If you feel angry then tell Him.  If you feel sad then tell Him.  Do not hide any emotion or thought from Him, even if it goes against what you know is right in your head.  It is only then that He can move in and help us rise above.  He is the answer.  Whenever things are good; continue to listen.  This is a real relationship.  Would your wife, girlfriend or best friend be ok with you always talking about what you wanted to talk about and then when you were finished you just left.  I am pretty sure that would not go over very well and nor does it with God.  If you haven’t ever or in a long while given the floor to God to say or do whatever He wants, then I strongly encourage you to do so.  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear anything.  He will speak.  He loves you and created you to be in relationship with Him.  As I stated before, it is simple not easy.  It is only in Him that we can find true freedom and that takes being in right relationship with Him.

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What is the purpose of a man?

(This is an email that I sent out a while back and I wanted to put it in here to keep everything together.)

I hope this email finds you well.  I am as well as can be expected for 3:00 a.m.  I was awakened by my 2 yr. old crying.  It was nothing big.  She needed to potty which is actually kind of exciting because it is the first time she has woken up in the middle of the night for that.  Anyway, I was lying in bed when God began to give this to me and I felt compelled to write this.  My flesh does not want to be here.  I humbly submit this to you for your consideration. 
What does it mean to be a man?  The world would have us believe that we need to be strong and tough and never have emotion.  This could not be further from the truth.  God created us to love, that is the main function of our being.  I John 3:16 says (as everyone knows) God is love.  So if the one who created us and designed us is love, then it goes against all reason that the crowning achievement of creation (meaning us) would not be meant to receive and give love.  We are designed to be channels of love.  This is how we bring the Kingdom of God to earth and to our realm of influence.  The perfect example of this is Jesus.  He was strong and tough, a real man’s man, but he also loved people like they had never been loved before.  How did Jesus do it?  He had a deep and intimate love relationship with Father God and through prayer and listening to the Father he channeled that love to his sphere of influence.  Love is what this whole thing is really about.  He is stirring in our hearts and exposing our selfishness and our fleshly filth not to condemn us or to make us feel less than, but so that we will be able to experience Him in a deeper and more intimate way.  He does not hate us, but He hates the things that separate us from Him, and will do anything to free us from that bondage.  We were created to receive love but things changed in the Garden of Eden and ever since that point He has been on a mission to restore what once was.  If we begin to ask Him what His perspective is in every area of life such as when we argue with our wives or when we are faced with any challenge, then He can begin restoring our hearts.  It is through experiencing His love that we can even begin to give love.  To conclude, to be a man to me means to receive love and to give love.  If we want to see a positive change in the world then this is the only way.
Hopefully, this made some sense.  It is the middle of the night.  Anyway, I pray that God will speak this into your life as He has spoken it to me. 
Jeff Davis

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I may not be able to bounce bullets off my chest or run as fast as a locomotive, but I can, through Christ, do things that Superman could not have even dreamed about.  Superman was limited to affecting the world in his immediate range, but I can have an immediate effect on someone on the other side of the world with just a word.  Sure, Superman could protect someone from harm by shielding them from the onslaught of bullets, fire or whatever the villain was throwing at him, but I can protect someone with a hedge that not even Superman himself could get through.  Let’s say that Superman had a really bad day and someone ended up dying, then unfortunately they are gone, never to return to this earth again.  On the contrary, I have the power living within me that can raise the dead so it may not be over for that guy.  Yes, I know Superman can fly and I cannot………………….. yet!  On top of all these incredible things, I can do one thing that Superman cannot even come close to competing with; I can lead someone to a relationship with Christ Jesus, the God of the universe, and the creator of all things who will give them everlasting life and give them all the same powers that I have.  The Question now is, who would you want by your side in life, a Bible believing, God fearing, Holly Spirit filled Christ follower or Superman.  I think the answer is clear.  Now embrace the Superman that lives inside of you and allow Him to transform you into the Superman you were created to be.  If you do not have Jesus living in your heart then I highly encourage you to search Him out and I know that He will reveal himself to you.  Go be Supermen.

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Transformational Thoughts

 (May 6, 2009)

Transformational Thought #1
“I am God’s son and He is well pleased with me.”

Everyone that is a christian or has gone to church for a long period of time has heard this and knows the story that goes along with it. Jesus, before he begins any ministry work, goes to John the Baptist and is baptized. This is where this thought comes from. The clouds part and God speaks and says, “This is my son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” Three distinctive things are said there. Number one, “this is my son.” The God and creator of the universe claims him as his son. Number two, “whom I love.” Not only does the God and creator of the universe claim him, but he knows him and loves him. Lastly, “with him I am well pleased.” Jesus, as far as we know up to this point, has not done any ministry work. Jesus did not have to heal a certain number of people or help a certain amount of the poor for God to be pleased with him. God was pleased with him because Jesus was his son and because of the relationship that they had. That story was not put in the Bible just to tell us how Jesus’s ministry started, but also to serve as an example and an insight into how God thinks about us. If we could truly not only know with our minds, but believe with our hearts our true identity, then it would revolutionize the church and change the world. He claims us. He loves us. He is well pleased with us.

Transformational Thought #2
“Jesus did not die on the cross for me.”

At first, this sounds very controversial but, lets think about it. I know the plan was for Jesus to come down to earth and to die on the cross for our sins but, was he really here for us. In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus begged with God that “If it is possible, may this cup be taken from me.” It is very obvious that he did not want to do it, but the very next sentence reveals Jesus’s true motives. “Yet not as I will, but as you will.” He was there to serve God and to do God’s will; we were just a result of Jesus yielding to God and doing His will. Sometimes I think that I am going to help this person or witness to that person because they really need it, but that is not the right motivation. It is not about those people, it is about serving and pleasing God. If my focus is on the people, then I will be disappointed if things don’t go as I think they should, but if my focus is on God and I am doing His will, then it does not matter how things go because I have pleased God.

Transformational Thought #3
“Everything is Meaningless……”

Think about it. What is the point of being a good husband, being a good father, being a good citizen, going to work, going to church, or living life? If when I die there is nothing, then what is the point. Why go on living for the sake of living. This life is just to hard if this is all there is. I am not saying that there are not good times in life, but it seems for every good time, there are three bad times waiting around the corner. None of it means anything with out God. I know everyone has heard this before, but I think I am taking it a little deeper. I am not saying that, “OK, you are saved, you go to church every Sunday, give your tithe, and you are a good little christian, now your life has meaning.” I am saying that you can do all of those things and your life still not have meaning. Meaning only comes through a relationship with God. Knowing Him and being obedient to Him. Outside of that you are walking on a tread mill, getting wore out and tired, but not going any where and no point for walking other than for walking sake. God is the reason we live with meaning.

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Sorry, I No Write

(May 6, 2009)

I know it has been months since I last blogged, and I sorry I no write. I don’t really have a good excuse like, I have been busier than Anita Dane at a funeral or somethings wrong with my internet. I have just been lazy. No more empty promises. I hereby do solemnly swear not to promise to write any new blogs ever. I am not saying that I won’t write any, I am just saying that I am not promising to. Please feel free to check back periodically, and who knows there may be a new one. Also, feel free to leave any comments of frustration. It probably won’t lead to spurring me to write more, but it is entertaining to read.
Thanks for entering the world of
Jeff Davis: Unfiltered “Where you’re not as important as you think you are.”

P.S. That’s my new slogan. What do you think?

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(November 17, 2008)

Otherwise known as the best D___ food day ever! Just thinking about it makes me drool. The turkey with dressing (hooly-mooly), Valerie’s infamous mashed potatoes (infamous because they make you have naughty thoughts which include a nine iron, a water buffalo, and a tub full of mashed potatoes), and my mom’s chocolate pie. Anyway, I better stop or before I know it I will be swimming in my own saliva. I guess there are other reasons to love Thanksgiving, but I can’t think of any. Just kidding. Seriously, there is a lot to be thankful for this year. I thank God for Valerie and little Gracie. I am also thankful for the family and friends that I am blessed to have (some more than others and you know who you are). Last but not least, I am thankful for God. I know you are thinking “Oh, there goes Jeff getting on his self righteous high horse, peering down at all the puny Christians,” but that is not what is going on. I am really sincere. The last year has been a good one, and it is all due to Him. I have grown to know Him in a deeper way and in turn I am discovering who I am.

This is definitely my favorite time of year.

Thanks for everything,
Jeffery Steven Davis

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Who is this Jeff Davis?

(October 1, 2008)
And has he ever really been filtered?
The answer is NO, I guess it’s really just a statement of the obvious.
Now to the question of who is this Jeff Davis?
First of all, I am unapologetically and unwaveringly a follower of Jesus Christ. He is first and foremost who my identity is derived from and without Him I am nothing. I know that it is very cliche to say that but it does not take away the value of truth that is in it. We are all born into this world of sin and given lies to believe about ourselves whether by Satan himself, family, friends or others.  It is only through Jesus that I am truly set free from that bondage.
Secondly, I am a husband and soon to be father. I have been married to Valerie for 5 years and will be a father in February 2009. I am in love with Valerie and thank God that He put her in my life because honestly I don’t know that just anyone could have with stood the test. She is incredibly kind, compassionate and supportive and I love her. ( Oh, did I already say that?) Fatherhood is obviously something new to me, although I think I will be a good father. I know this may be a shock to some of you, but I really am excited about this prospect. Even though I am a little scared, I am extremely thankful. It will be a stretching and exciting time in my life.
Finally, I am a Conservative. (gasp) Oh yeah, no apologies here either! My favorite president is Ronald Reagan. I believe in smaller government, traditional values and morals, and lower taxes. Lower taxes for everyone, especially the rich. (Just kidding Liberals!) But a quick question, when you lower taxes on businesses and the rich does that not mean that they have more money to put into the economy, for jobs and equipment which in turn would spur the economy to grow? Anyway, moving right along.
Hopefully, this gives you at least a small idea of who I am and what I believe. I am sure you will learn more about me as more unfiltered blogs come your way, but for now, that’s all I’ve got!
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